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Help Us Give 30 Camp Scholarships To Youth
Who'd Otherwise Not Be Able To Attend
With your help, we will offer 30 Camp Kids for Peace summer camp scholarships to youth from diverse backgrounds across the country. The scholarships enable youth ages 7-13 to attend our impactful 10-day summer program. Every scholarship covers the $225 registration fee, which includes one camp supplies box that is mailed to every camper's home. 
Our scholarship recipients have been nominated by educators in recognition of their outstanding leadership and kindness. This is also an opportunity for educators to nominate youth whom they know would benefit from this positive and uplifting experience.  
Your generous support will allow us to provide this opportunity to youth who need financial assistance. You will not only  give these children two weeks of fun with new friends from diverse backgrounds, you will grant all campers the chance to interact with others from a wide range of perspectives and experiences. These youth will celebrate diversity, discover common bonds and tap into their own peace-building gifts that will make this world a better place!
 $225 Per Camper
17 camper sponsorships available

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