What you will need:

·      A laptop with a reliable Internet connection
·      Access to Updated Zoom 5.0 online meeting platform
·      A quiet space to participate in the meetings

What you will receive:

·      T-Shirt
·      Camp Supplies Box mailed to your home
·      Access to private Zoom online meeting space


Q: How many children will be in each session?
A: Each session has 20 camper screens. Siblings can share a screen using one login on one shared device.  We are limmitting each session to 20 campers plus their siblings. 
Q: Is there a sibling discount?
A: Siblings within the same age group are welcome to use the same Zoom meeting link for the registration cost of $225. Additional camp supplies boxes may be purchased during registration.
Q: How much does an extra Camp Supplies Box cost?
A: Extra camp supplies boxes cost $25 + $15 flat rate shipping and can be purchased during registration.
Q: How will you ensure the safety of the online camp?
A: The Zoom meeting gathering will require a password that is only shared with registered campers at 7am PST each camp morning. Please see the Zoom Privacy Policy for more details. 
Q: Is the content the same for each camp session?
A: Yes, the basic activities will be the same for each camp session, but our camp staff will help the campers make each experience unique and dynamic.
Q: Can my child sign up for more than one session?
A: Yes! Even though the basic activities will be the same at each session, the experience will be unique with each group of campers. 
Q: How long is each camp day?
A: Each camp day is 2-1/2 hours, however kids will likely need extra time after the meeting  is over to complete the projects that were started in the camp.
Q: What is included in the Camp Supplies Box?
A: The Camp Supplies Box will contain the supplies necessary to complete the camp activities as well as bonus materials including a “Do It For Peace” t-shirt and Kindness Matters bag.
Q: What will my child do in the camp?
A: A daily schedule and daily themes can be found here. Each activity is carefully considered to support the well-being of the whole child – mind, body, spirit.
Q: Will my child get some exercise?
A: Yes! Our energizing portions of each daily meeting will get the heart pumping!
 Q: What if I have difficulty accessing the meeting camp sessions?
A: You may call the Kids for Peace headquarters at 760-730-3320.

Camp Directors

Hana and Syr will co-lead both the Junior & Senior camps.

Hana Craft

At age 7, Hana became the very first Kids for Peace kid! She is proud to say that she helped create the Peace Pledge and has been living by the words ever since. Hana recently graduated with honors from University Southern California (USC), where she majored in Psychology and double minored in Contemplative Studies and Occupational Sciences.
In her free time, Hana likes to write and sing songs with her piano and ukulele, make art, go camping, travel the world, do yoga and meditate.
Happy dances and cows make her smile extra big! She dreams of a world where everyone recognizes the beauty within themselves and everyone else. Hana looks forward to fostering a meaningful connection with each camper and can't wait for all the fun!
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Syr Esposito.jpg

Syr Esposito

Syr is a proud believer in the power of summer camps to help people connect. She joyfully went to both day and sleep-away summer camps every summer from ages 7-12 where she adventured in the outdoors, created art, and forged lasting relationships with friends. At age 16 she continued her love for camps by becoming a camp counselor for Bard College sporting camps and community day camps.
Most recently, Syr journeyed to Italy where she taught English to local kids at summer schools. She is passionate about community and global service and has travelled to Thailand, Laos, Costa Rica, and Ghana on service-oriented trips.
Syr is a rising junior at Middlebury College where she is studying Political Science, American Studies, and Italian. In her free time, Syr likes to listen to music, write, run, travel the world, and get involved with local and global politics!
She feels most happy walking in nature, watching sunsets, laughing with friends, and playing with animals! Syr dreams of a world where every person sees their own unique greatness and aspires to use their greatness to spread peace and love in the world.
Syr is beyond excited to engage with every camper and together have a fun and meaningful summer!

Curriculum Consultants

Jill McManigal
Mother, Former Elementary School Teacher, Kids for Peace Co-Founder, Executive Director and Lead Love Infuser
Asia Moore
Mother, Kids for Peace Chief Operations Officer and Master of “Get It Done”
Meg Jansen
Mother, Peace Pledge Program Director and KfP Co-Leader at Elementary and Middle Schools
Carla Bos
Mother, Grandmother, KfP Board Member and Principal at the Founding KfP Chapter’s Elementary School
Margaret Malek
Elementary School Teacher, Character Education Specialist, KfP Board Member and KfP Chapter Leader
Camp Consultants Photo New.jpg